The Truth About First Female Ascents

Check out the latest issue of Urban Climber Magazine for an article by Melissa Strong about First Female Ascents. The article features myself as well as several other amazing women involved in FFA’s around the world.

What do you think about FFA’s?

2 responses to “The Truth About First Female Ascents

  1. FFA means first FREE ascent, has been for the past 40 years or so. I think many claims for first female ascents are purely speculation, as hardgurls from the past were unconcerned with such sinsationalisms, and this category of accomplishment went unrecorded for decades.

    • I think FFA can mean both these days, you just have to take it in context. I agree with you about first female ascents, especially of old classics. A lot of it is speculation. For example, this Spring I climbed an old Yosemite classic called No Holds Barred. We suspected that it could be a FFA (First Female Ascent) but later I found out that Lisa Rands had done it years ago and no one knew. I’m sure a lot of things like that happen in climbing. In my personal opinion I like hearing about FFA’s because it’s inspiring to me as a woman to know about what other females are climbing but in the bigger picture of things the label of ‘FFA’ probably doesn’t matter. I like putting up climbs and I like repeating other people’s climbs but getting an FFA is not something I necessarily strive for in climbing.

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