Planet Granite. New bouldering!!!

It’s finally ready! The NEW BOULDERING AREA at Planet Granite in Sunnyvale. They are hosting a Grand Opening event for the new bouldering area this Saturday the 18th starting at 10am. Go check it out if you are around. Moses Potter and crew are working hard to set sick new climbs for everyone. Here is what PG has to say about the new wall;

“We’ll be hosting a Grand Opening Party with all day with activities including slack lining, bouldering games, and an awesome bouldering session! At 11am Sunnyvale head route setter Art Balaoro will hosting a training clinic using the new system and hang board equipment. We’ll also be having a BBQ starting at 1pm! Construction manager Shane Riley will be available to answer any questions about the construction of the new area. Come by to check it out! We’ve got sweet new foam padding, an awesome adjustable system board, three new hang boards, and some killer steep terrain! Come by to Planet Granite Sunnyvale this Saturday to see it for yourself!”

I am VERY excited for the new addition. It’s only 10 minutes away from where I go to school in San Jose so some lunch time and/or afterschool sessions may be in order. I am especially excited about the system wall and the Moonboard. The system wall (in my opinion) is the single most effective way to train for climbing when used correctly. I consider it single handedly responsible for elevating my climbing from a personal best of V7/8 into the double digit range back in 2005 when I first trained on one. I am hoping to start using it again to ramp up my power for the upcoming late Fall/Winter season. GET EXCITED PEOPLE!!!

Other exciting news…I am partnering up with Planet Granite in San Francisco and I will be offering a selection of climbing clinics in the near future, the first of which will be geared specifically toward women and training for climbing. I also plan on doing others on bouldering, general training, conditioning, technique, mental training and maybe a sport climbing clinic or two. Drawing from my 11 year experience training as a competition climber and my knowledge of anatomy, physiology, exercise and physical therapy that I have gained while at sports chiropractic school I feel like I have a lot to offer in these clinics. More information will be available soon.

In the mean time here is a little motivation…

The Beast himself, Ben Moon!

2 responses to “Planet Granite. New bouldering!!!

  1. Way cool Natasha!!

    Now how can we convince MC to do something like this?? Maybe you can bribe by making cupcakes? 🙂

    Oh and you should not discriminate – us men need to be in your training clinic too!!


    • Well of course I will do a clinic for men too. PG wants me to do a clinic for women to start because of popular demand. Boy oh boy my cupcakes are world famous. I’m going to have to do a Cupcake blog soon…

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