Nor’easter and Rumney

Welp, my Summer quarter is finally DONE (the same day Summer is officially done too). It was a BRUTAL one too. In a span of just four short weeks I had 8 midterm exams, 6 different National Board Exams and 11 final exams. Whew! This has officially been the hardest and most mentally challenging periods in my academic life. EVER. Now it is time to turn the page…the story never stops!

Somehow, despite having almost no free time, no energy and no sleep, I have managed to get over a shoulder injury (mostly) and stay in somewhat decent climbing shape. Next stop is the Nor’easter, the last leg of the Unified Bouldering Series Pro Tour. Tomorrow I am flying to Boston to meet up with Max Zolotukhin and a bunch of other people and we will drive to Lincoln, NH to do the competition. Immediately after that we are planning on climbing in Rumney for a few days. I think I am more excited for that than the competition.

Don’t forget to watch the LIVE BROADCAST *HERE*

Qualifiers: Friday, September 24th, 2pm-5pm EST
FINALS: Saturday, September 25th, 3pm-5pm EST
Top 6 climbers advance from qualifiers, 3 problems per gender, “World Cup” format.

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