Nor’easter Recap

What can I say? It’s been a whirlwind adventure. Unfortunately I didn’t take very many photos but a lot of other people did.

The Nor’easter was a great finale to the Unified Bouldering Championship Tour. It was much better run than the last stop at the OR Show in Salt Lake City and the problems were better set. The format was a little different with 6 qualifier problems (more than usual) and 3 final problems.

I climbed better than I have in a long time at one of these big competitions. For once I remembered how to be dynamic. I was reminded the hard way in SLC that being dynamic is a BIG part of American competition climbing. I also went into the competition without any expectations or pressure. That was maybe the most important thing because I was able to feel more relaxed while competing. I was particularly proud of flashing problem #4 which had TWO double dynos in it. I’m not bad at dynos but being 5′ 2″ they are not particularly my style either. I was also very excited to flash #6, a technical World Cup style climb on volumes and a tricky sequence set by visiting French route setter Tonde Katiyo. It was exactly my style but I was stunned and thrilled to hear the announcer tell the crowd that I was the first person to do it. I qualified in 5th place. In finals I performed well too. I flashed the first two climbs but fell very low on a huge move on #3. After all was said and done I stayed in 5th. I felt the same as if I had won the competition. I had a good competition and was satisfied with my performance. It felt exhilarating to have climbed well and I felt light, happy and content. It was also very inspiring to watch everyone else climb, especially Ethan Pringle who won it for the men, his first major win since his shoulder surgery. Team Shotwell!!

Finals problem #1 photo by Jes D'Emilio

Qualifier problem #4 photo by Kasey Fechtor

Waiting to climb with Angie and Alex.

Slammin' the kneebar on Finals #2 for the flash. photo by Kasey Fechtor

Here are the final results:



Stay tuned for the RUMNEY update next…

2 responses to “Nor’easter Recap

  1. Great job!

    I didn’t know Ethan was back in action, so I was thrilled to see he placed first! So thrilled in fact, I sent him a text message…and then realized I’m now 2 hours ahead of him. Sorry, Ethan, for the 6am text message.

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