San Francisco, School and Yosemite–The Balancing Act

Some aptly timed stencil graffiti found in the Mission.


It’s only the first two weeks in the 8th Quarter of my program and I am already overwhelmed with much to do. Every day feels like Finals week this quarter. All of our classes are designed specifically to help us fine tune our clinical skills so we can work with real patients in the clinic at school. This is a much needed review and consolidation of knowledge.

As much as I am enjoying it, it’s also very time consuming and stressful. To compound this already stressful quarter I have been having a lot of car trouble. I’ve probably shortened my life by at least a year with all this stress but I am finally getting a handle on it and things are smoothing out. Trying hard to find a balance between all things. The only thing that I am not so happy about is the realization that I probably won’t get to do as much climbing as I’d like to in the next few months with the amount of work I have. However, I have a lot of friends coming to visit me in the next several weeks which I am VERY EXCITED about so I will have to make a little exception for when everyone is in town which means more fun but also more work to make up for it before they arrive.

El Cap at twilight. See all the headlamps? photo by Guillaume Dargaud

It hasn’t been all work so far though. I managed to escape last weekend for a little Yosemite play time. I made a solo trip out there and arrived in the Valley at twilight. The first thing I saw was El Cap and tons of little headlamps shining on the wall. Prime Time in Yosemite. While it was still a little warm for the North side of the Valley, the South side was great. I ran into my friend Keller and it was his first time in the Valley so we did a little circuit of all the classic v4-v8 climbs in Camp 4, Cathedrals and the Sentinal, as well as Atlantis. BRUTAL fitness day. We must have done at least 30 climbs. I was pretty much useless on Sunday. Very psyched for Fall in Yosemite and for projects as soon as it cools down a little more.

Stay tuned for future Valley updates…

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