Da House!

Fall has officially arrived here in SF and with it came lots of rain. I love the rain and I am very content to sit here at 128 and do work, drink coffee, and listen to music. Nothing makes me more productive. When it comes to climbing though RAIN SUCKS. Luckily we have a place close to the city to climb that is so steep it doesn’t matter if it’s raining. Jailhouse!!

Originally I was planning to climb a 5 pitch route in Yosemite Valley with my friend Jeremy Roop (who is responsible–in part–for my growing love of Trad climbing). But rain/snow kept us away and we opted for a day in Jailhouse instead. I was not at all disappointed with our second option since I’ve been wanting to get out there. It’s hard to find partners for Jailhouse due to the intimidating nature of the climbing–long, pumpy, steep, tricky and HARD.

Here are a few photos of our day:

Jailhouse on a gloomy day.

A typical day at Jailhouse. People working routes. Center stage is Matt Pound, Jailhouse regular and Knee-bar Master.

The best part of the hike. Jeremy reading some sign that has the official JH rules and regulations on it.

View of the cliff as we hike out. It finally started raining.

Gloomy Fall foliage.

Yeah, I hike with my umbrella...what's the big deal?? I learned this trick from Denise.

It was fun to be at Jailhouse again for the first time in 6 months and see the crew and climb. Let’s just say that it’s going to be a good season at Jailhouse this year.

Jeremy sent Whipping Boy (5.12b) second go off-the-couch after having taken off months from climbing. WOOOOO!! I repeated some climbs that I did last year and almost sent my leftover mini-project from last Spring, Haul of Justice (5.13b but really actually steep reachy ass drop-knee knee-scum 5.13c sandbag) like three times!! I felt super strong for my first time back. Moves that felt hard last year are feeling easy now and I can’t wait to start working The Juice (5.14a) which is my real project this season.

JH4LYFE! See ya next weekend…

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