Jailhouse Update and Planet Granite Competition

My friend Tom Addison has just delivered some GREAT news via Facebook:

Tom has worked with the landowner of Jailhouse and with the Access Fund (I’m a member, are you?) for a while now trying to sort out access issues there. I’m relatively new to the scene at Jailhouse but I know everyone who climbs there on a regular basis and loves this area, myself included, can appreciate Tom’s dedication and hard work on this issue. We can all breathe a little easier now knowing that the land will never be sold off and parceled out and our access will never be taken away. THANK YOU, TOM!!!

Late afternoon at the House. Not sure how I got this photo or who even took it but it's a beautiful shot.

Late afternoon at the House. photo by Anne Skidmore

In other news, the Planet Granite Bloc Party Series Finale is on Friday and I plan on competing. It should be really really fun and I hope to see everyone there. Here are the details from the PG blog;

Planet Granite Bloc Party 2010! This Friday, we have our first ever Series Final. The top 5 competitors with the highest CUMULATIVE score from all three comps will compete in an Onsight Series Final to win up to $150 in cash!

Didn’t come to the other two? No worries! Come and compete in the Bloc Party, eat some food, watch your friends and peers crush the Series Final and stay for the raffle – remember, everyone has a chance at winning a prize donated by our awesome sponsors.

Comp Details:
Bloc Party Comp: 5-8:30pm
Dyno Comp: 8:30pm
Onsight Series Final: 9pm
Raffle and Cash Prizes to follow

Psyched to climb? Save your strength and we’ll see you at the Bloc Party on Friday at PG Sunnyvale! Free for members, $10 for non-members.

Moses Potter et al. setting for the competition. photo by Planet Granite

Moses and the one and only Joel "Pushreset" Gillmore. Get psyched for some sick problems! photo by Planet Granite

On Thursday I’m headed to Yosemite to try and send my project Drive On (V11) and to pick up my car that broke down there on Saturday. Photos and video to come. Here are some photos of my friend Ben Polanco sending it a couple of seasons ago;

Ben Polanco sending Drive On. photo by Anthony Lapomardo

photo by Anthony Lapomardo

More later…

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