Yosemite Day Trip

I skipped class on Thursday to take a day trip to Yosemite with my friend Anthony Lapomardo. It was one of the most perfect days of the season. Sunny and crisp.

A few photos from our day:

Photo from inspiration point before this week's storm hit. photo by Anthony Lapomardo

The first view of El Cap as we drove into the Valley Thursday morning.

El Cap. We spotted Tommy and Kevin on Mescalito on the way in.

"Hiking" out to Drive On.

My dream route, Astroman 11c, as seen from Drive On. Sometimes it's hard to justify bouldering when you have El Cap, Half Dome and Washington Column visible from most of the bouldering areas. World class climbing in every form exists in Yosemite from bouldering to trad and aid climbing.

Setting up at Drive On. There were quite a few people out during the week so we had a good crew to climb with.

I worked Drive On (V11) last weekend with Thomasina and we were both psyched to go back out and try it again. Thomasina sent first go and looked solid on every move. It’s been really inspirational to climb with her. I finally felt like I had all the moves down but on my best go I got too excited at the top and after staring down the final hold I fumbled and missed it and barn-doored off the top. I tried a few more times but I didn’t have enough skin to get back up on the tiny crimps and try again. Hopefully next week it will be dry and I’ll get to try again.

Anthony got some video of the attempts. Here are some screen shots:

video still by Anthony Lapomardo

video still by Anthony Lapmardo

This makes the climb look short but it's actually quite tall at about 18-20 feet. video still by Anthony Lapomardo

We did a little video/photo shoot over at Atlantis too. Stay tuned for the video.

Atlantis. Five-star boulder problem. photo by Anthony Lapomardo

This is what it looked like today in the Valley. It's supposed to snow for the next few days but clear up Wednesday. I am totally obsessing!!!

Keeping my fingers crossed for good conditions around Thanksgiving.

2 responses to “Yosemite Day Trip

  1. Does this mean that all of the assholes that guard this place will stop acting like this is the holygrail…Kinda tired of the localism at Jailhouse…can’t wait for a guide to be published for this place and let the masses climb here like every other crag…A quick tip…for the badasses at Jailhouse…Try smiling and enjoy others energy…it makes for a much more fruitful climbing experience…

    • John, it hasn’t been my experience that the “locals” are assholes. Especially if you talk to them when visiting the crag. Almost all of the usual Jailhouse climbers are pretty friendly and willing to share beta and route info if you ask. I’m sorry, it sounds like you may have had a bad experience and I apologize for that. I encourage you to give it another chance. Information for Jailhouse hasn’t been made very public because of the access issues but I wouldn’t say it was a “guarded” area. Most devout Bay Area climbers know where the crag is and would tell you. However, I doubt a guide will be published or that “the masses” will be climbing here. Jailhouse is a pretty intimidating and tricky, a stout area for sure and most people don’t like to warm up on 5.12. I don’t think it caters to the masses. Maybe a few more people will start to come out but I don’t think it will ever be as popular as most sport climbing areas. Hope to see you out there later this season!

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