Hueco Tanks

Quick update! I just got back from a short trip to Hueco Tanks. A week and two days is definitely not enough time in Hueco but it was fun to spend a few days climbing there and meeting new people. It was cool to see all the new improvements at the Rock Ranch and also how much it hasn’t really changed.

I sent a couple of new problems like French Tickler (V9), Speed Bump (V7), That Hi-Pro Glow (V6), and Animals Acts (V5) which were all really classic and fun. French Tickler is THE BEST climb in Hueco and in my top five for sure. Really psyched that I was able to do it because its very tall, a little scary and pretty reachy. I didn’t really have enough time to project anything on such a short trip. When you figure in travel days, rest days and days that you don’t get into the park that doesn’t add up to many climbing days. I tried to go back to old projects from 5 years ago but found that I no longer had interest in them or couldn’t remember beta on them and got interested in other climbs instead. I was close on Chablanke (V11) but on my last day there there was a crazy dust/rain/hail/snow blizzard and it was wet. I tried to climb on it anyway but after just one try the key thumb catch on the pinch was wet and the top was completely soaked which = GAME OVER, MAN. Next time, I guess.

Max sent Full Monty (V12) and flashed Glas Roof (V9) and  10-10 (V9/10) on top of having already sent Barefoot on Sacred Ground (V12), Loaded Direct (V11), Scream (V11), Tequila Sunrise (V11). Pretty impressive ticklist for such a short trip! My friend Courtney Sanders sent Swiss Crisp Mix (V10) and 10-10 (V9/10) as well as Ultramega (V8) which are all pretty impressive sends especially since she’s only been climbing for two years!! I watched Nagual (V13) go down three times in a row by Julian Bautista, Mike Foley and Daniel Woods. SICK!

Ok photos now…

Waiting at the gate.

Getting ready to go climbing.

Joe checking out the guide book.

Max on Scream (V11)

Beta talk

Daniel repeating Nagual (V13)

Rock carvings at Techo.

Sunset on North Mt. near Techo.




+ BEANS, ONION, TOMATO AND LIME = REALLY GOOD DINNER!! (especially with pineapple for dessert)

The Dude was at dinner too.

Asha dog.

Asha dog.

Crazy dog.


Giuseppe's surprise birthday cake.

Dust storm of death...

Shelter from the storm.

Marcin is fucking psyched no matter what!

Wet bueno.

Nathan and Makido waiting it out.

And then there was snow...

Conditions just before I left this morning. Until next time, Hueco!

Pictures and words cannot convey all the fun that was had. I already miss all the new friends that I made and all the amazing climbing Hueco has to offer. Tomorrow night I will pick up Max at the airport and we are going to meet up with the third member of the trifecta, Randy Hill, to travel to either Bishop or Red Rocks for the next round of climbing fun. More to come everyone! For now, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

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