I arrived home today in excitement to this…

My new Revolution 12-G crashpad has arrived!!!!!

After spending an impatient few moments opening the package (I really mean RIPPING open the package like an excited little kid) I am immediately satisfied with the bright yellow color of my new pad. That’s not all, I am also thrilled to discover all the improvements made to the 2011 model of the 12-G.

Revolution 12-G crashpad.


Here are some of the best features of this pad:

– Good quality foam, maybe the most important thing to consider when buying a new crashpad.

– Side handles, a new improvement to these pads. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished my pad had these. They come in handy.

– New closure system, easy to use buckle made of metal so they don’t crack and break.

– Taco fold, safest design for a crashpad as the middle won’t buckle in at the center.

– Ballistic nylon shell, durable as hell.

– Ergonomic padded shoulder straps and waist belt, this is really important for long approaches.

Here is what the buckles look like.

One of the side straps. If I had a dollar for every time I needed a side strap on a know?! I'm embarrassed to admit that this might be the feature I'm most excited about on this pad.

The straps.

The 12-G in all her glory. Even Moose is impressed.

Needless to say I am very excited for all the features in the 2011 Revolution 12-G pad. Here’s what Revolution has to say about their pad;


Built for the big air specialist and high impact falls, the 12-G covers plenty of landing area. Redesigned for 2011 this is one of the largest, thickest, and most featured of any XXL size Crash Pad.


Some of you may know–but many of you may not know–that Revolution was originally a company called Cordless and was started in 1995 by Clark Shelk, the first ever crashpad company. Cordless basically started the entire crashpad industry and paved the way for other crashpad and bouldering related companies. “We’ve taken bouldering from an unrecognized, unappreciated part of the climbing world and turned it into the scene’s most popular arena…with an initial investment of about 300 or 400 bucks in machines, fabric and foam, we built a multi-million dollar, world-wide industry and changed the climbing scene forever. Not bad, huh?” What I’m trying to say here is that Clark et al have been around longer than anyone in the industry and they know how to make pads.


Although it’s all too common today, we refuse to dilute the climbing world with shitty knock-offs and mass-produced junk made in some third world sweatshop. All of our products are made locally, if not specifically in-house. Same goes for the Euro crew. Local manufacturing allows us to dramatically lower our carbon footprint, maintain exceptional quality control and quickly introduce new products. –from the Revolution blog


This is why I love and support this company and I feel so lucky to be involved with a company who keeps it real and refuses to sell out.


The 2011 Holster Bag.

I also got the new 2011 Holster Bag which is a big shoulder bag made of vinyl to fit all my bouldering gear. This is a big change to the old Holster Bag from last year and has a ton of room. I like the new style because it makes it easy for me to carry the bag on my back while riding my bike to the gym.


My old pad from 3+ years ago...still in alright shape but it was time for an upgrade.



Thanks Clark and thanks Revolution and The Cordless Group for the endless support since 2003. PSYCHED, see you in Yosemite, everyone!!!


Visit REVOLUTION CLIMBING and check out their gear.

Also visit the REVOLUTION BLOG.



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