Spring in Yosemite

Spring is officially here and it’s been a wet one. The snow has melted in the Valley but the Spring season is almost nonexistent here this year and the transition into Summer seems to already be happening. Waterfalls are GUSHING right now too.


Pine trees in Yosemite Valley.

This weekend was in the mid sixties and sunny, a little hot in the Valley. As some here would say, it’s “shopping season”. Time to “shop” for a hard project to start working and then wait for cool fall temps to send. Unless you are Courtney Miyamoto who sent her project, The King (V7), this Sunday in an impressive effort…actually she cruised it!



No more snow!


Even though it was warm it was still fun to be out with friends, circuit on classics and try some new problems that I’ve never tried before. Here are some photos from the weekend:


Brian Hedrick working on Shadow Warrior (V12).

Walk in the Park. photo Cameron Helland

Audrey Bodisco on Pinball Wizard (V7). photo Courtney Miyamoto

Karl Aguilar on Bachar Cracker (V4/5.12). photo Courtney Miyamoto

Wesley Pua on Delicate Flower (V6). photo Courtney Miyamoto

About to go for the dyno move in The Diamond (V8), which looks WAY smaller in this photo. photo Courtney Miyamoto.

Courtney Miyamoto sending El Cap free in a day...in ONE move. Take that Lynn and Beth. JK. photo Courtney Miyamoto

The view of El Cap from Candyland.

CRAP, we are so lucky to live in California!


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