Five Ten Shoe Review

I know it’s been a sec since I last posted…but I’m still here!

I’ve been getting a lot of questions at the gym about my Five Ten shoes so I thought I would post here and let everyone know a little about three of my favorite pairs of Five Ten climbing shoes. I will try to make it short and sweet.

My Five Ten quiver.

The Quantum

What’s good:

-They’re PURPLE

-Down-turned version of the Anasazi lace-up (Good on steep and vert terrain)

-Stealth Mystique rubber (STICKY STICKY STICKY and durable)

-Tight heel cup

-Amazing fit (comfy, I have a normal width foot and small heel)



They’re lace-ups (I don’t mind but I know some people hate that)

-The heel cup is tight but the outside of the heel isn’t as good as the Teams or the  Dragons for very technical heel hooks (It’s still pretty good though)

...dem PURPS!

A little down-turned.

Five Ten

Get them here: THE QUANTUM



What’s good:

-Radically down-turned toe (very good on steep terrain, although I love them on slabs in Yosemite!)

-Stealth HF rubber (STICKY, designed to be a little softer to give you toe pulling power on steep climbs)

-Tight heel cup (great for precision/techy heel hooks, like in Yosemite)

-Great fit (comfy)


-They’re lace-ups

-No toe rubber for toe-hooking

The Dragon

...note the heel cup. Very good design.

Get them here: THE DRAGON



What’s good:

-My ALL TIME fav climbing shoes! (My secret weapon, besides my thumb)

-Stealth Mystique rubber (STICKYYYYYYYY and durable)

-A little stiffer than The Dragons (for better edging and more reach in my case…seriously. Moves seem less reachy to me when I’m wearing these and I think it’s because the rubber/shoe is a bit stiffer)

-Amazing, Amazing glove-like fit! (comfy)

-Rubber on the toe (great for toe-hooking)

-Tight heel cup (great for precision/techy heel hooks)

-Sensitive and designed for precision footwork



-Hard to put on (But once they’re on the feel really comfy!)

Best shoe ever designed. Sent my hardest rated and most techy climb yet (Drive On, V11) in this exact pair!

The Team Five Ten

Get them here: THE TEAM 5.10


I hope you enjoyed this quick review and hopefully it will help you choose what your next Five Ten shoe purchase will be. As someone with 12 years of climbing shoe experience (I’ve sampled every brand out there at one time or another), I can tell you with confidence that Five Ten designs the best shoes and has the stickiest rubber in the world.

So many memories of good climbs in these shoes.



2 responses to “Five Ten Shoe Review

  1. Natasha- quick question re: Team 5.10 — what did you do for sizing? All I see are men’s sizes — how did you convert? Also, most forums say to get them 1 size bigger than street shoe b/c the fit is so tight. Would love your input. Thanks. 

    • I wear the same size Teams as I wear Dragons. I wear 6 in Dragons and 6 in Teams. I just happen to know what my mens size is since I always wear a “mens” shoe. It usually will say both sizes on the tag inside your shoe if you want to see what your size is. Just reference a shoe that you already have. I hope that helps!

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