South Lake Tahoe


This last weekend I went out with my friends Vitaly Volberg, Anson Whitmer, Spenser Tang-Smith, and Ryan Lee to South Lake Tahoe to go check out an undone line near Pie Shop. We got a very late start and the drive seemed to take forever but when we got to the climb we realized that it was worth it.

Behold The Rapture project.

Anson rapping down.

Vitaly and Ryan set up a top rope and Anson rapped down to clean the top and scope the holds. The line is pretty highball though and we weren’t sure if there were any good holds up there to top it out but once we all had a turn rapping down and scoping out the line we were pretty confident that it would go.

Anson is just above the lip in this shot, spotters POV. You can tell it's pretty tall.

Yummy South Lake granite.

This crack runs all the way up the boulder and is used as a sidepull with crimps on the face for the right hand. After turning the lip the crack gets bigger and more incut.

The climb has a couple of sharp crimps.

Vitaly hosed us and took us straight to the project instead of the warm up area and insisted we could warm up on the opening moves. NEGATIVE. The climb is hard from the first move on and it was painful to crimp that hard without a warm up.

Getting psyched up for the Proj...sans warm up.

The line is very tall, fairly clean (after we scrubbed the top) and has an obvious start. It follows a seam all the way up for the left hand with some crimps on the face for the right hand. The crux is a giant, powerful cross-over move off a side-pull to a small block on the lip that has a side pull-crimp on it. Getting over the lip is tricky too.

Vitaly on his first go of the day.



The Proj.

Anson giving a go.



Vitaly just before the crux move.

The crew peepin' the climb.

Anson, Vitaly and I all got close to sending. We are guessing the project is in the V10/11 range but we’re not sure. We were climbing in the sun and without a warm up. It could be easier but only time will tell. Either way it’s a really fun climb and I can’t wait to get back to it.

Click the link below for a video of the climb…

The Rapture Project

Tahoe sky.


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