Planet Granite Athletes

I am excited to announce that I am now officially a Planet Granite athlete!

I am excited to support an amazing company like Planet Granite. PG runs the most cutting edge climbing gym facilities in the world. They don’t see their facilities as just world class climbing gyms but as places that bring together the climbing community in the Bay Area.

PG is very active in the climbing community and provides so many benefits to members and guests such as all kinds of climbing classes, world class route setting, kids programs, climbing competitions, BBQ’s, and shoe demos. They offer three $5,000 grants given annually to people doing incredible things in places that inspire others to get outside with their Planet GRANTS It program. They also help support climbing and outdoor related charities with their PG Gives Back program where they pledge to donate $1 on behalf of each member every month and they give members the ability to choose where it goes: climbing, community or the environment. AMAZING!!!!

I am excited to jump on board with a company that I can see eye-to-eye with. I plan on working closely with PG along with fellow athlete Andrea Szekely in a way that will promote climbing and benefit the climbing community. It’s all very exciting!!!

More to come…

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