More New South Lake Tahoe Bouldering

Vitaly found a boulder a few days ago in Kyburz near South Lake Tahoe. The moment he discovered it he was sending me photos and texts raving about how good the boulder looked. Small, friendly crimps all the way up the 18 foot tall overhung face.

The new boulder. photo by Brad Perry

It was hard to tell via text photos how good the line would actually be but yesterday Vitaly, Brad and a crew of friends went out to try it and came back with some more photos and some good news. It sounds like the boulder is excellent and was feeling about V12/V13 (8A+/8B) but after a key hold broke and became smaller it might now be in the  V14 (8B+) range.

“…Anson, Newman and I struggled to do each of the first 4 or so moves. I could hold on to the holds and stay on the wall for a few seconds – but moving was not foreseeable…”

Josh Newman trying the lower moves. photo by Brad Perry

Josh Newman trying the bottom moves. photo Brad Perry

Anson Whitmer was able to make the FA of the stand starting from a high block calling it “The Pale King,” V6 (7A). Here is what Anson had to say:

“Such a shame the bottom holds weren’t super solid – I think we had just figured out the beta ~v12/13ish – and then my fat-ass broke a critical crimp. Now it is probably solid 14 – probably (hopefully) won’t break again though. The stand has solid rock, cool moves and is nice and spicy! Great find by Vitaly!”

Anson Whitmer snagging the FA of The Pale King. photo Brad Perry

Anson Whitmer snagging the FA of The Pale King. photo Brad Perry

This is only the tip of the iceberg. The potential for bouldering in the Tahoe area is huge you just have to be willing to hike and scrub some lichen. STAY TUNED…

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