This weekend we made a trip out to Bishop. It snowed last week in the Sierras and early Fall conditions on the East Side were good.

Arriving at the Buttermilks.

Max topping out the Grandma Peabody boulder.

The Sierras.

Some crimp porn for the connoisseurs out there. The first razor crimp on Stained Glass.

Stained Glass (V10).

Max on Stained Glass.

Evening at the Buttermilks.

People slack-lining across the Grandma and Grandpa Peabody boulders 60ft up in the air.

Bishop sunset.

Max on Form Destroyer (V12).

More Bishop sunset.

My first experiment with a long exposure shot.

Friends at Rusty's!

Saturday night we had a head count of 35 people at our fire!

photo by Connor McLeod

Ethan Pringle attempting the Mandala Sit (V13/V14).

Ethan Pringle repeating the Mandala (V12).

The Buttermilks.

Brian Hedrick sending Maze of Death (V12).

Brian sending Maze of Death (V12).

The view from Maze of Death.

Courtney Miyamoto on The Cave Route (V6).




Soul Slinger (V9).

Max on The Buttermilker (V13). He came really close to sending this weekend!

Max on The Buttermilker (V13).


Max came close on a lot of climbs this weekend and I am still trying to commit to a project here. It’s early in the season though and we will be back!

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