In case you haven’t figured it out by now…I LOVE YOSEMITE VALLEY!!! I finally managed to convinced the rest of LT11 to make a trip out. It was the first time the whole crew was in one spot together! Jon Glassberg, Jordan Shipman, Ryan Silven and Sarah Fullerton, Dave Wetmore, and of course Max Zolotukhin. We also had with us the talented photog Rich Crowder and our friend Ben Vernon. I had a lot of fun running around the Valley showing everyone the climbing and watching everyone send. Probably the most fun of the trip was when our crew would arrive at each area and get really excited at the first glimpse of each climb and rave about how amazing all the boulders were. I love sharing Yosemite with people.

The Diamond. photo Rich Crowder

We shot a lot of the Classics…

-Initial Friction (V1, slab test-piece)

-Blue Suede Shoes (V5, another slab test-piece)

-Bruce Lee (V8)

-Cocaine Corner (V5)

-The King (V7)

-Dominator (V12)

-King Cobra (V8)

-The Force (V9)

-Thriller (V10)

And some climbs you may or may not have seen on video before…

-The Seam (V11)

-Dogwood (V12)

-The Wizard (V10)

-Wall To Wall Carpet SDS (V11/12)

-Un-named climb at Bridalveil to the left of WTWC (V7)

-The Diamond (V8)

-Once Upon A Time (V3)

-Shadow Warrior  (V12)

-Changing Corners (V8)

-Thong Cave (V10)

-Ahwahnee Arete (V4)

-Across the Tracks (V10)

-Atlantis (V6)

-Cilley (V10)

-Conan (V9)

-Diesel Power (V10)

-Flatline (V8, my personal fav!)

-Good Vibrations (V10)

-Hammerhead (V5)

-Heart of Darkness (V9)

-James Memorial Problem (V3)

-Pride (V9)

-Silly Roof (V7/8)

-The Octagon (V6)

-Woodyard Arete (V6)

-Yabo Face (V11)

-Yabo Roof (V12)


SO MANY CLIMBS! GET PSYCHED!!! Many of these climbs have never been filmed or have never been filmed well and this is the first time climbers will be able to see how good the Valley really is.



Jon Glassberg sending Yabo Roof (V12).


LT11 filming sends and bro hugs!

Jon Glassberg filming Ryan Silven during an interview.

Jordan Shipman filming sick climbs! He can't even believe it.

Rich Crowder getting ready to do his thing!

Snow in Camp 4!

A little snow didn't stop our crew.

The crew reviewing some footage of Dave Wetmore jumping into the freezing cold Merced River.

El cap after the snow dusting.

The Cathedrals.

The guys shot some nice time lapses from El Cap Meadow.

One of the Cathedrals

El Cap.

Half Dome.

Half Dome.


I’m excited to see the finished product and all the amazing photos Rich took! What better place to share good times with good friends than Yosemite? It was one of most fun times I’ve had. I think everyone decided they need to make return trips to the Valley this Spring…YeSsSssssSss!!! Stay tuned for updates on the video and the article in Urban Climber soon!

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