School is wrapping up and it’s the holiday season so things are busy and I haven’t updated in a while. Honestly, I haven’t been climbing very much (only two days a week which isn’t enough for me).

Since my last post I sent my season project in Yosemite, Thong Cave (V10). It’s a steep and powerful climb at the Ahwahnee boulders  put up by Justin Alarcon. It starts in a cave and climbs into an arete which is a climb in itself called Silent Spotter (V6). I underestimated this one. I did pretty well on it the first day I tried it earlier this Summer and thought it would be a mini-project on the side. It turned out to be my main project this season! It was starting to get into my head a little towards the end. It’s probably harder if you are short because you can’t keep the toe hook for the crux. I was doing some heinous beta at first involving an imaginary foothold but switched to a crazy upside down drop knee for the send. Very psyched!

I still have quite a long list of projects left in Yosemite but I don’t know how much more I will accomplish this season. To everyone’s astonishment, Tioga pass is still OPEN and there is still NO SNOW in the Valley. It’s been an unbelievably dry season which is great for climbing but also a little disturbing on an environmental level.

Web cam shot of the Valley. NO SNOW!!!

School finally wrapped up (I graduate in March!!!) and I’m on VACATION!!! After visiting my family in SoCal for the holiday we headed to Bishop. We are here now for a few days and then we will move on to Red Rocks for the new year until the 8th. Looking forward to climbing and finally enjoying some time off.


We got basketball for xmas!

Driving to Bishop.

The Buttermilks!

The Mandala.

Dusk at the Buttermilks.


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