Tomorrow is our last day in Bishop. I haven’t been sleeping very well or taking any rest days and I am starting to feel it. I can’t remember the last time I was this sore. I haven’t succeeded on any of my projects but Max, Mark, Ben, Eliot and some of my other friends are all crushing! Mark especially. So far he has sent Maze of Death (V12), Mandala (V12), Xavier’s Roof (V11), Thunderbird (V11), Evilution (V10), Return Jedi (V10), Denton’s Remorse (V10), Twin Cracks (V9), Michael Caine (V9), Devoted (V9) and flashes of Finders Fee (V9), Days of Blunder (V9), Lizard Therapy (V9), Shock Therapy right (V9), as well as sends of Checkerboard (V8) and Upside (V8) among others. Impressive tick list in only a couple days of climbing. Eliot showed off his slab climbing prowess and sent his first V9, Devoted. Ben also impressed everyone by onsighting  A Grand Day Out (V10), a vertical patina crimp line on the Get Carter boulder. He probably spent a good five minutes on the wall making his send. By far the most impressive send on this trip was when our friend Sarah sent Jedi Mind Tricks, a 20+ ft. V4 highball after letting out a primal scream and sticking the top while pumped! I’m pretty sure all the spotters peed their pants on that one. Amazing.

Zen Flute at Dale's Camp.

Eliot on Jedi Mind Tricks.

Eliot sending!

Mark sending Return Jedi.

Rock stack.

Jedi Mind Tricks.

Ben trying Return Jedi.

Sarah sending Jedi Mind Tricks.


Mark sending Suspended in Silence.

Clouds at the Pollen Grains.

Sunset at the Pollen Grains.


Next stop…RED ROCKS!!!




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