Yosemite in February

It’s official…NEVERENDINGFALL!!!

This weekend Max and I drove out for a short day trip to Yosemite Valley for the first time in 2012. We were greeted by perfect Fall conditions…in FEBRUARY! For a little perspective and to appreciate just how much of a miracle that is, take a look at the photos below and compare.

The Valley last February.

The Valley this February.

Hard to believe right?

Max and I had both finished up some projects we had been trying and had lost our motivation for the Valley a little bit. For me it’s been that lull between sending-a-project-and-trying-to-get-psyched-on-another-one thing. Max has been regressing on his Yosemite projects for some reason and so for him it’s that. Our focus shifted to Bishop for a while. But after Saturday’s trip I think I am psyched again! Conditions are too perfect to ignore.

This weekend Max  had some type II fun and sent #40 on “The List” , Shiver me Timbers (V6). I repeated it too. It’s a pretty tall line with a committing mantle at about 18 feet followed by a second pitch of glory friction slab to the top. Here is what Urban Climber’s Andrew Tower writes:

40. Shiver Me Timbers (V6), Yosemite, CA; FA: John Bachar 
A few moderate moves (and the V6 crux) lead to a tall slab that will get your legs shaking like you’re walking the plank. Breathe deeply to calm your shivering timbers or you might quiver your way off those tiny slab feet. Yarrrr!

Max has now done 46 of the climbs on the list now.

I revisited an older blog of mine where I had listed some climbs I wanted to try in the Fall. The list has changed drastically! At least for now. Here is my list with revisions:

-Yabo Face (V11) reachy

-Leroy (V10) technical and highball! 

-Thong Cave (V10) my style on slightly overhung crimps (Sent! Woooo!!!)

-Across the Tracks (V10) very powerful, steep climbing with a hard sloper move

-Shaddow Warrior (V12) slightly reachy, steep compression, the opposite of my style but psyched! (Need to get stronger and more psyched for this one. It’s one of the hardest things I have ever tried)

-Moffat start to Midnight Lightning (V10) big moves on small crimps but I know the ending (Lame variation and I can’t reach the jump start without stacking 3 pads)

-Honor Among Thieves (V9) Arete slopers, seemingly always in the sun but a nice line

-Pine Box (V11) compression on good slopers, very reachy, probably V12 if you are short, psyched! (We are never going to get out to this enough times for me to project it, sad…still want to try it though!)

-The Diamond (V8) reachy but last season I stuck the “reachy” move, psyched to go back for it!

-Black Widow (V9) I’ve only seen video but it looks rad! Walker, take me here!!!

-Cindy (V9)  also never seen this one but I’ve heard it’s good, tall and possibly reachy, bring it!

-Narcissus (V11) powerful roof moves that finishes on one of my favorite climbs at Le Conte.  (Not psyched)

I’m also psyched on trying Hammerhead (V5), Tap Dance (V10), Six Degrees (V10) and Conan (V9). We’ll see how that turns out.

Here are some pictures from this weekend…

An ancient lock in the bathroom.


The infamous "meat wrap" hold on Dominator.

Max on Dominator.

El Cap at sunset.

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