Day Trip to Castle Rock

Today Max and I went on a day trip to Castle Rock. Castle Rock State Park is about an hour and fifteen minutes South from where I live in San Francisco. We met up with our friends Ryan and Keith who showed us some new boulders they had found. Unfortunately, it was too damp and foggy out to climb. We still checked out the new boulders but it was hard to tell how hard they are and what the beta might be because they were so wet. We are excited to return on a dry day!

The day was not wasted though, we enjoyed the hike out and back and also just getting to be outside for a little while. The fog made the forest feel lush and alive like a rainforest. The photos don’t do today justice, it was beautiful!

For those that may not know, on May 13, 2011 California State Parks Director Ruth Coleman stated California can no longer afford to operate 278 state parks. Her plan includes the closure of 70 parks including Castle Rock State in Los Gatos, CA. It is scheduled to close on July 7th, 2012.

To help save Castle Rock State Park go HERE to the Portola and Castle Rock Foundation.

Here are some photos I took today…


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