This weekend I had the privilege to attend the Annual Hueco Rock Rodeo in El paso, Texas. I flew there to teach a clinic on injury prevention for climbing but I also participated in the competition while I was there.

The competition was a little different this year. As competitors we had too choose from a list of climbs  that was selected for us based on what category we were registered for.

A lot of the climbs on the women’s open category were climbs that I had already done or tried before. At first I was excited because I thought I would be able to repeat the climbs again but I quickly discovered that I was nowhere near as strong this time as I was when I did the climbs before. I could blame it on climbing all day the day before, staying up late the night before, only climbing once a week all of last quarter in school, not being motivated to do sharp climbs I’ve already done before…but those are all just excuses.

Angie Payne eyeing Frogger (V9) which she repeated during the competition.

Nina Williams on Glas Roof (V9).

Courtney Sanders nearly sending Frogger.

Even though I wasn’t climbing well I still had fun getting to climb with strong, motivated girls all day! All of the ladies looked impressively strong. Angie dispatched hard climb after hard climb and never looked tired. Watching her and the other girls got me really psyched and also motivated to train again!

The ladies! photo courtesy of Melissa Strong.

The after party was epic and long with the usual giant bonfire. There was a Dave Graham slideshow that was pretty interesting, other pro climber slideshows, dyno comp, bull riding and beer. Overall the Rodeo was pretty fun and I look forward to next year. I got to hang out and climb with so many friends (including my LT11 boys!!!) and meet a lot of new friends as well.

Hueco dust storm with sun down low.


Jon Glassberg sending Notorious DIG (V9/10).

BA sending Focus (V10).

So many cameras.

So many dogs!

Hueco bonfire!

Bonfire time lapse?

The Barn at the Rock Ranch.




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