I’ve always enjoyed green juice, carrot juice and other vegetable juices whenever we go out to a healthy restaurant or happen to be in a Whole Foods with a juice bar. This is an expensive habit though. Fresh juices usually cost anywhere between $5-9 depending on where you go. Because of that, I’ve always wanted my own juicer.

Max was thoughtful enough to get me one as a gift this Winter and I’ve been using it a lot lately. Juicers can cost hundreds of dollars but believe me, THEY ARE WORTH IT! Once you have one it’s so CHEAP and EASY to make juice. Clean up isn’t that bad either.

My juicer.

Juice being made.

Green juice!!!

You guys have been asking for juicing recipes so…here are some of my favorites!



Half of a bunch of organic kale

Half of a bunch of organic spinach

Half of an organic cucumber

4 organic celery stalks

1/4 of a bunch of organic parsley

1-2 organic lemons with peel (depending how lemony you like it. I use two)

*makes two servings



10 organic carrots, greens removed

1/2 inch slice of organic ginger root

*makes two servings

**you can add an apple if you want it really sweet



Handful of organic parsley

1 organic garlic clove

4-5 organic carrots

2 organic celery stalks



1/4 inch slice of organic ginger root

1 organic apple, seeded

Sparkling water


BROMELAIN SPECIAL (good for injuries and inflammation)

1/4 organic pineapple with skin


There are so many good juice recipes and these are just some. Hope you guys enjoy these! Let me know what you think and feel free to share any recipes you have.

8 responses to “Juicing!

  1. What timing!  I just sat down to read this with a glass of fresh beet/spinach/carrot/cuke/orange juice.  I usually add ginger, but I’m out.  I love juicing & all the benefits it gives to somebody like me who is too lazy to “fix” vegetables.

    • I get you! I like it because it’s an easy way to get tons of nutrients without eating twelve servings of salad. I still eat tons of veggies though because the fiber is so good for you but I “cheat” with juice too!

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  4. Do you think the heat created by the pulverizer damages some of the nutrients (compared to masticating juicers)?

    And is the parsley enough to block the “garlic breath” after having the Garlic Express juice?

    Thanks and good job on the blog!

    • I don’t think the juice gets very hot. It always comes out rather cool. Unfortunately, you will probably have very slight garlic breath after the garlic express but the drink is too good not to have. Trust me!

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