Mortar Rock

Mortar Rock Park is located in the Berkeley hills here in Northern California. It was a gift to the City of Berkeley from Mason-McDuffie Real Estate Company during its development of the area. It was dedicated for park purposes in 1917. Climbers have been bouldering there for at least the last 30 years.

Mortar Rock is only a 15-20 min drive from our house so we have been taking advantage of that and heading over there for evening sessions with friends. It’s not the best rock in the world and there are many eliminates and variations buts it’s still a fun alternative to the gym.

The view of San Francisco from the top of Mortar Rock.

Stone steps to the top make a nice downclimb.

An old bolt at the top of the rock.

Basically bouldering in someone's backyard.

The essentials.

Max on a possibly undone/possibly done by Randy Puro/but possibly broken now line.

The crux hold. Classic mortar rock crumbling grip.

Peeping the top hold.

Late afternoon/evening at Mortar with Ryan Moon and Mike Abell.

Mike Abell on The Odyssey.


Mike Abell sends the stand start, The Odyssey (V9?).

Max in between burns.


This is a hold.

Max Zolotukhin on Impossible Wall (V8).


Video of Brian Hedrick sending Impossible Traverse (V13) by Byron Wolter

Video of Brian Hedrick sending The Kraken (V11/12) by Byron Wolter 

2 responses to “Mortar Rock

  1. Randy has done the sit, it is more or less unchanged, but the stand start holds may be a bit larger now.

    • Good to know. Both of the key holds on the rail are worse than they were two weeks ago though. Do you know the name or the grade of that sit start? We can’t seem to get a hold of Randy to ask him.

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