Aesthetic Invitational

This weekend was the Aesthetic Invitational held at the brand new Aesthetic Climbing Gym in Lake Forest, California. I started training for this and the upcoming UBC comp with Kris Peters a few months ago as I mentioned in an earlier post.

The comp went really well and I got 5th place in a stacked field so I am really psyched. It was a really close competition and I know I have the potential to do even better. I really enjoyed seeing friends that I haven’t seen in a long time as well as some of my family while I was down there. I’m extra motivated for the UBC Pro comp in Seattle in a few weeks.


1. Jon Cardwell
2. Kyle Owen
3. Rob D’Anastasio
4. Garrett Gregor
5. Daniel Woods
6. Matt Wilder

7. Michael Orourke
8. Roland Wagner
9. Ian Dory
10. Brian Kim
1. Alex Johnson
2. Courtney Sanders
3. Nina Williams
4. Sierra Blair-Coyle
5. Natasha Barnes
6. Kati Hetrick
7. Nicole Grider
8. Vian Charbonneau
9. Jill Carpenter
10. Mariana Mendoza

Here are some pictures I took with my iPhone during the comp.

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