Bouldering in the Pacific Northwest

Polished Index river boulders.


Index granite.

This boulder was like a world cup climb! Tricky!

All of the Above.

All of the Above. So good, so highball.

My fav Five Ten shoes! The TEAMS!


Fuzzy #2!


Smokey Leavenworth.

Sleeping Lady. A five-star highball over Icicle River.

Sleeping Lady.

Thank god jug at the top of Sleeping Lady.

Electric Bugaloo, balance test piece.




Clear Cut boulders in Gold Bar.

Rubix Cube on the left.

View from the Clear Cut area.


The forest near the Magic Boulder.

Perfect granite edge!

Beverage of choice after long hikes.

The Magic Boulder.

More Magic boulder.

Blurry photo of Hayden climbing on the ” warm up” on the Magic boulder.

Even more Magic boulder.

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