Excited to announce that I am re-locating!!! Starting in January I will be offering my services at Embrace Health in Cow Hollow. Chiropractic, massage, rehab & physiotherapy. Hope you can join me!

For more information or to book an appointment visit EMBRACE HEALTH.

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A little about me…

I graduated in 2012 from Palmer Chiropractic West and currently practicing in San Francisco. I was a member of the Palmer Chiropractic West Sports Counsil. My practice focuses on sports medicine, rehab & physiotherapy and injury prevention. I take an evidence-based, functional approach to patient care. I utilizes an active care model that is patient focused and outcome oriented, empowering patients to participate in their care.

Here are some FAQ’s…

What is a treatment session like?
A treatment session with me may include the following: chiropractic adjustment (also known as a “manipulation”), Active Release therapy, instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation (Graston), kinesiology taping, cupping and functional rehabilitation.

Does an adjustment hurt?
A chiropractic adjustment (also called a “manipulation” of a joint) should not be painful. However, the most common side effect of a manipulation is mild soreness for a day or two after treatment. This is due to stretching of the joint and breaking up scar tissue.

Are you going to tell me to come in 3x/week for the rest of my life?
No. My goal is to get you out of pain, moving better, prevent recurrence, and get you on with your life! Since a large part of my practice is functional rehab and teaching you how to move better and care for yourself, you will get better faster and have to get treatment less often. Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime.

What is the popping noise? Is that the bones cracking?
The popping sound that can accompany an adjustment is called a “cavitation”. The sound is produced by the surface of the joints separating, small bubbles forming in the joint and then the bubbles collapsing. This collapsing action causes the popping sound, just like when you crack your knuckles. We do not crack bones.

What does an adjustment do?
An adjustment (aka manipulation) does several things:

  1. The first and most important thing it does is decrease pain. Research has shown that a joint manipulation (adjustment) causes a decrease in pain sensation at the level of the spinal cord.
  2. A manipulation improves joint range of motion. When a joint doesn’t move well, other joints make up for that motion, causing pain.
  3. Relaxation of tight muscles. A manipulation at a joint causes relaxation of the muscles around the joint. A lot of times painful spasm of muscles is a patient’s source of pain. A manipulation can cause those muscles to relax.

Do chiropractors only treat necks and low backs?
Chiropractors like myself are trained to treat many conditions. We pretty much treat anything that involves the neuromusculoskeletal system (joint, muscle, tendon, or nerve), not just the spine either. Shoulders, wrists, knees, ankles, hips etc.

Are chiropractors “real” doctors?
A chiropractor is a doctor in the same sense that a dentist is a doctor or a PhD is a doctor. We are experts in our field and our field is conservative care of common neuromusculoskeletal injuries.


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