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Hi, I’m Natasha Barnes. 

Thanks for visiting my site!

I help climbers feel better and move better so they can perform their best on the rock and in training!

I’m a doctor of chiropractic with a specialty in rehabilitation of sports injuries. I live in San Francisco, California and have a private practice at Motus Clinic.

Climbing is a very unique sport and it can be very difficult for someone who does not climb to appreciate the stress that climbing produces on the body. As a doctor who has climbed at an elite level for 16 years and has been diagnosing and treating sports related injuries for 4+ years, I have been able to help a lot of climbers overcome injury and return to climbing!

  • I’ve been climbing since 1999 and I have been a professional athlete since 2001
  • I am a former National Champion (2005) and Teva Games (2005) gold medalist (now GoPro Mountain Games/IFSC World Cup stop)
  • I have earned a spot on the US World Cup Bouldering and Sport Climbing Team multiple years
  • I’ve bouldered V11 and climbed 5.13d/14a outdoors
  • I also compete in powerlifting

I graduated from a 4 year graduate program at Palmer West Chiropractic School in San Jose, CA in 2012 with a specialty in sports medicine and physiotherapy. I’m a ClinicalAthlete provider for San Francisco, certified in Functional Range Release Technique (upper limb) and Myofascial Decompression (cup therapy).

I’m no ordinary chiropractor, in fact I’m probably not like anyone you’ve ever worked with before. You can think of me as a physical therapist, massage therapist and chiropractor rolled into one. My practice blends techniques from all three disciplines. I primarily use therapeutic exercise and manual therapy techniques in my approach and incorporate chiropractic manipulation when indicated.

My Story

At the peak of my competitive climbing career in 2005 I suffered a devastating finger injury and couldn’t climb for 6+ months. My right shoulder suffered similarly in 2008 and recovery was slow. Frustrated with a lack of good information on how to resolve my climbing injuries I decided to go to school to learn how to fix them myself!

I put this site together because over the past few years I have had a lot of climbers reach out to me via social media and email. I want to help more climbers get the best information to help them overcome climbing injuries and get back to enjoying climbing and training injury-free!

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